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Our full-suite platforms are backed by real-world operational experience in diversified and the harshest environments.


With agriculture drone operations and drone technology in place, farmers receive in-depth data analysis and crop planning and with new tools capable of handling the physical work.​ Farming drones can help with harvest goals and yield more crops with maximised efficient resources. UAV's provide the farmers with efficient crop aerial spraying, aerial surveying, and field mapping


Drone surveillance with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to capture still images and video from a distance or at a high altitude to gather information about specific targets, which may be individuals, groups, or the environment. Our security drones can be equipped with live video cameras, infrared cameras, thermal sensors, and radar. 

Fire Fighting UAV's with command-and-control systems offer a solution for a wide range of services, including rescue investigation, emergency management, and direct hose, through window dampening projectile or immediate extinguishing agent, ball firefighting. 


Our Cargo UAV's apply modernization to cargo express and logistics. High payload and efficiency of drones with ntelligent flight mode, includes self-planned routes and automatic release for cargo and packages. Automatic obstacle avoidance radar ensures flight safety through the flightpath. 


Lysander Aerospace has extensive payload choices for different kinds of UAV platform, including LiDAR system, industrial aerial camera, oblique camera system, gimbal system and SAR, which can be applied in more industries.


In partnership with our UAV training academy we can now provide a complete system of theoretical teaching, laws and regulations, payload use, practical flight training and other programs. Providing trainees with UAV pilot license training and courses such as free GCP system, oblique photography, real-time monitoring, LiDAR. and etc.

Superior handheld, portable and modular vehicle ground control stations avaible. You can choose different control devices according to the different environment and task. There are also tethered power systems to ensure continual altitude station keep is obtained.


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