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Lysander Aerospace is a professional unmanned system supply platform focused on the aim of providing reliable, interesting, and cost-effective solutions for our customers from all over the world.

The eagerness for innovation and perfection has pushed our team to be more focused and more dedicated. So we keep working hard on developing and constantly iterating our products and solutions. Now our products cover UAV and payload equipment as well as customized service. We supply industry-grade fixed-wing, VTOL, mission payload, ground station, power system, for applications such as mapping, inspection, logistics, agriculture and a wide range of alternative applications.



Surveillance Drones

Firefighting Drones

Agricultural Drones

Delivery Drones

Drones Payload Equipment

Controllers & Ground Stations

UAV Operation & Pilot Training 

Industry Applications

Mapping & Surveying

Security & Surveillance

Mining & Aggregates

Utilities & Powerline Inspection

Emergency Response

Traffic Inspection

Water Resouce


Agricultural Support

Autonomous & Remote Cargo Delivery



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