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Industry Applications

In order to understand user needs and reflect the advantages of products and services, we have established industry divisions for different application scenarios. Discover our cutting-edge products and optimize your workflow.

Are you considering adding drones to your surveying services? Here is information that you need to know about drone surveying.


Find out how mines and quarries use drones to increase productivity, maintain safety standards, and reduce operational costs.

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Applications in areas with dense personnel and complex scene security surveillance, UAV solutions realize a large area and long-term high-altitude real time surveillance.


Learn the benefits you can see with security drones, how to use drones for security, surveillance, and more.

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Drones are an attractive alternative for power line inspection. but what are the benefits, outputs, and applications? Let's explore more.


Fire fighting drones can carry different fire extinguishing systems, boom, dry powder fire extinguishers, and other rescue equipment, to meet the fire fighting  requirements.


"Smart water resources" need to rely on modern technical means to establish a water resources information perception system, improve the support system and promote the management of integrated water resources.


Farming drones help with harvest goals and yield more crops with maximised efficient resources, providing the farmers with efficient crop spraying, surveying, and field mapping


Using UAV system can improve the operational monitoring capabilities of the road transportation industry, can enhance the industry’s collaborative law enforcement capabilities.


UAV remote sensing system has advantages of low cost, high safety, high maneuverability, high precision, and diversified payloads, giving its application in the field of environmental protection unique advantages.


Cargo UAV's apply modernization to cargo express and logistics. High payload and efficiency of drones with intelligent flight mode, includes self-planned routes.



Surveillance Drones

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Agricultural Drones

Cargo Delivery Drones

Payload Equipment

Controllers & Ground Stations

UAV Operations & Pilot Training 

Industry Applications

Mapping & Surveying

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Utilities & Powerline Inspection

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Water Resouce


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